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Want a healthier lawn?

Why you should dial down your irrigation. Did you know that the vast majority of lawns in Northern Utah are “cool season” grasses? This means that they thrive when temperatures are cooler and struggle more in the heat. That’s why our lawns green up quickly in the spring and slow down and stress when it’s […]

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Choosing the Right Deicer

Choosing the Right Deicer: Several performance characteristics should guide the selection of an ice melter, but two are particularly important:  How well does the low temperature performance of the material match the coldest temperatures you are likely to experience?  How quickly will the material melt ice to minimize pedestrian exposure to potentially dangerous conditions? Rock […]

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Spring Yard Checklist

Here’s a list of items to get your yard in tiptop condition for the season: Aerate (read our tip on “The Benefits of Aeration”) Apply pre-emergent weed control to flower beds and lawns Lightly Rake Matted Dead Grass Carefully pull or spot spray early weeds in flower beds with Round-Up Spot spray lawn weeds with a […]

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When do I need to Fertilize?

“When should I fertilize my lawn?”
The short answer is,

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The Benefits of Aeration

The Benefits of Aeration Compacted soil prevents the grasses from establishing a healthy root system. Adequate amounts of vital turf nutrients including water (H2O), oxygen (O2, nitrates (NO3), phosphorus (P), and potassium (K) are unable to reach the roots. Aerators relieve soil compaction by removing evenly-spaced cored plugs of turf from 1″ to 3″ inch […]

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Fall Yard & Home Checklist

Sprinkler Winterization / Fall Prep

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