Fall Yard & Home Checklist

Please remember to do the following for your yard & home before we reach freezing overnight temperatures and early snow storms:

  1. Disconnect hoses and store them for the winter. This prevents freezing water lines in your home and outside faucets.
  2. Shut-off sprinkler clock and main valve including Pressurized Irrigation system. Do NOT unplug the clock. Unplugging the clock drains the backup memory battery and causes programming loss. We also recommend blowing compressed air through the sprinkler system to ensure all standing water has been removed from the sprinkler lines.
  3. Be sure the lawn is cut short. Between one and a half inches and two inches for a Kentucky Blue Grass lawn mix. This prevents matting, bugs, fungi and other grass and plant diseases in the spring.
  4. Remove leaves and other debris from the lawn. This also prevents bugs, fungi and other grass and plant diseases in the spring.
  5. Prune back shrubs and dead perennial stems.
  6. Clean out rain gutters and check that they are fastened securely to the house. Clogged rain gutters will cause over flow, roof damage, mold and wood rot. Backed up water and ice weigh on gutters causing collapsing and loose gutters. Homes surrounded by trees may want to consider adding a leaf screen to their rain gutters to prevent clogged gutters. Heating elements may also be needed on gutters on the north side of the home.
  7. Fertilize your lawn with a slow release granular winter fertilizer for a healthier lawn in the spring.